R72Tech Auto Trading

Less Emotions
Auto Trading
Less Human Error

Turn Your Trading Into Active Investing

😡😲Got a buys life, kids, work, gym and not sure when you will have time to trade?

💤💪🏾Have a good day at work, run some errands, spend time with your family and live your busy life.  While you Coudsync to your favorite trading channels and conveniently follow along hands free auto trading.

Your auto trade workspace, is created on our trade copy automation platform called Cloudsync and populated with the trading channel strategies to auto trade

🎯⚙With many built in auto trading features you have full control over your auto trade workspace.  Such as;

      • Cloud based
      • No self hosting needed
      • Web dashboard
      • Turn off & on any time
      • 4 different risk settings
      • Equity monitoring
      • Account analysis
      • Compare copied trades
      • Supported platforms MT4/MT5