Image from a multi-day photo study of a single location.

I shot most of this project with a longer lens, but to create a more immersive feeling in this image, I used a 24mm equivalent. I was initially focused on the beautiful sky, but by using a wider lens and a 13-second exposure, I was able to frame the image to softly reflect the brilliant sunset colors in the water.

I knew I was onto something when local residents began finding me on Instagram, asking if I was that crazy guy they had seen photographing in the deep, surging waves at one of the beaches in my neighborhood. Friends asked what was going on when they realized that my phone was off from 4:00 to 5:30 every afternoon. The carpets in my car were filled with sand and grit. And at the root of it all was a creative endeavor that had me excited to pick up my camera again. Compared to some of the other places I’ve traveled throughout my life, heading “down to the beach” felt anticlimactic. And yet, it was anything but.

Grounded both physically and creatively due to COVID restrictions, I had an empty travel schedule and a subsequent void in my creativity. From traveling in my native Australia to the U.S. and everywhere in between, I have adventure in my blood—and I’m never more comfortable exploring a place than with a camera in my hand. But I rarely photograph close to home; my preference is always for somewhere farther. Somewhat daring. Something bigger.

Image from a multi-day photo study of a single location.

To capture the rim light on the rocks and accentuate the patterns, I shot almost directly into the sun. I chose a shutter speed of